Car Customization and Performance Parts Service in Los Angeles

Custom Exhaust

Whether you are looking for a great deal on a muffler and exhaust system in Los Angeles, or are interested in making an investment in high performance exhaust system, we have what you need.  We also offer many options for warranties on the work we do.  Come by and check us out for great service and a thorough check of your current exhaust system. You need look no further than Ghost MotorSports to find the service you require for all of your custom exhaust system needs.

Window Tinting and Smoke in Los Angeles

There are many different types of tinting film on the market.  Some of it is higher quality than others.  You should remember when you are getting your quotes on tinting that you can choose to go with a cheaper variety of tinting film, but you may not get the high quality that you want.  Some of the problems you may encounter with a cheaper variety film include discoloration, fading, bubbling, and ineffectiveness.  While it may look great at first, you may find that problems present themselves quickly with cheaper options.  When you choose to pay a little more, you will get a better result. Visit our Tint Shop in Los Angeles for your Window Tinting needs.

Custom Wheels and Tire Shop in L.A

Los Angeles based Ghost MotorSports carries a large stock of wheels, discount car rims, truck rims, chrome wheels, tires and chrome rims for virtually every car and truck. They are also a popular online seller of discount tires, custom wheels and rims. When searching for the perfect wheels, tires and custom rim fittings, you can’t go wrong with the experts at Ghost MotorSports; they can keep your vehicle’s wheels and tires performing perfectly.   The experts at Ghost Motor Sports are regularly trained in the latest, cutting edge wheel, rim and tire technology and design to make sure that their customers have the benefit of the best and most complete information available to the industry.   The Ghost Motor Sports team will set you up with the best  in high performance and quality tires, rims or custom wheels for your vehicle at prices that fit your budget!

Custom Car Lowering Los Angeles

A lot of racers work to improve cornering ability by reducing the center of gravity. However, they also raise the suspension-mount points and add-on components that have been completely redesigned to ensure that the suspension will remain well within its operating range. Slammed suspensions are more of a “show” feature than a “go” feature for street cars. Contact Ghost Motorsports for more information on their own Lowering Link kit today.

Custom Car Paint Jobs

There are many reasons for someone having their vehicle painted. The first is someone who has an older model car with chipped or lack luster paint that requires that the whole car be painted.  For cars whose overall paint job is still in good condition, we can touch up those spots that need it by matching the paint to the original color. This will help the person get the most for their money when the car is sold. Finally, you may want to just change the look of your new car to make it original. Ghost Motorsports can help you accomplish all objectives for your paint and body work needs.