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Tinting & Smoking

Take Your Ride’s Look Up A Level

Tinting your vehicle or smoking your glass can give your car a whole new look. Here at Ghost Motorsports, we’re experts when it comes to tinting and smoking all kinds of vehicles.

We offer both tinting and smoking for a variety of vehicles and for all kinds of parts, including windows and lights.

Getting your windows tinted isn’t just good for your car’s look, it also helps with:

  • Heat reduction

  • Glare reduction

  • Fade protection

  • Creates a sleek factory appearance

  • Added privacy

  • Decreasing air conditioning cost which saves on gas too


Tinted lenses can also create a matching or contrasting color effect with your car’s paint creating an even more awesome exterior design.

Smoked light lenses are either painted or covered with a type of tinting film to change the hue of the lights while they're off and on. Tinting is also relatively inexpensive compared to purchasing aftermarket smoked lenses.

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