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Ghost Links - Air Suspension Lowering Solutions That Work

Complete Control Over Your Air Suspension
Air Suspension Lowering With Ghost Links

All vehicles with air or hydraulic suspension have ride height sensors attached to the frame of the vehicle. These sensors are connected to the suspension system by a short linkage called a sensor arm.

The regular sensor arms or links are a fixed length and move with the suspension automatically which doesn’t give you much control. These sensor arms establish the position of the sensor which tells the computer what height the vehicle should be sitting at during your drive.

With Ghost Links, you can create a whole new experience for your drive. Ghost Links is completely adjustable and gives our clients a way to change the ride height of their vehicles on command.

Air suspensions are currently on most high-end vehicles and eventually, all vehicles will have air suspension.

Our Ghost Links are the first of their kind and are being sold all over the world with the numbers increasing as more and more air suspension vehicles are released.

Take control of your suspension by upgrading with Ghost Links.

What Vehicles Do Ghost Links Work With?

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