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Get Complete Control Over Your Rolls Royce’s Air Suspension

Ghost Links For Rolls Royce

Do you want to upgrade your Rolls Royce’s air suspension lowering links? How about upgrading to Ghost Links to take control over your suspension?

If your Rolls Royce has air or hydraulic suspension then it’ll also have ride height sensors attached to the frame.

These sensors are connected to the suspension system by a short linkage called a sensor arm. The sensor arm, also known as a link, moves with the suspension and lets the computer know what height your Rolls Royce should be sitting at.

With the adjustability of the Ghost Links, you can change the ride height of your Rolls Royce in no time at all.

Ghost Links is the first of its kind and can provide you with the power to alter the ride height of your Rolls Royce whenever you want to.

If you have any questions about air suspension lowering for your Rolls Royce, our team would be happy to help out.

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