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Get Complete Control Over Your Maybach’s Air Suspension

Ghost Links For Maybach

Ghost Links by Ghost Motorsports are the perfect enhancement for your Maybach, giving you complete control over your ride’s suspension.

All Mayach’s with air or hydraulic suspension have ride height sensors attached to the frame of the vehicle. These sensors are connected to the suspension system by a short linkage called a sensor arm.

Also called links, these sensor arms are a fixed length and move with the suspension. They are in charge of establishing the position of the sensor which lets the computer know what height the vehicle should be sitting at.

With the adjustability of the Ghost Links, you can easily change the ride height of your Maybach.

If you’ve got any questions about Ghost Links, how they work or how you can get them installed in your Maybach then get in touch with our team of technicians today.

Create a whole new driving experience and take control over your Maybach’s air suspension with Ghost Links.

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